6 Things To Know Before Preparing For MBA Admissions

A degree in management or business will undoubtedly benefit one’s career in the long run. What matters is that obtaining knowledge and skills from the appropriate sources will assist one in raising his professional profile, leading to a successful career.

But, how does one enroll in a business school or an MBA program? What are the requirements for applying to b-schools, what exams should be taken, are some concerns that applicants have.

First and foremost, a student must evaluate whether or not to pursue a management or business degree. Everything boils down to a person’s determination and choice.

This article will give you an overview of how to get into a business school as well as the problems that come with it.

1.   Deciding whether a B-school or MBA:

It is necessary to plan and determine whether to attend a B-school or pursue an MBA program. As we all know, B-schools are business institutions with far more opportunities than an MBA degree. The length of study and specializations in MBA programs may change from one B-school to the next. In comparison to MBA colleges, B-schools charge a higher tuition rate. So, it is vital to analyze one’s financial situation as well.

2.   Online or offline program:

Many B-schools provide an internationally approved online program in a variety of specializations. A candidate must decide whether to enroll in a traditional program or one that is delivered entirely online. The length of these programs varies depending on the institute. Online courses are frequently shorter than offline programs. To be accepted into any program, an applicant must meet specific eligibility requirements and pass entrance tests.

3.   National or international B-school:

Choosing whether to study overseas or within the country is important. In India, there are many internationally certified business schools, and admission to these schools is challenging.

Students interested in enrolling in B-schools, whether studying abroad or in their home country, must first take and pass recognized entrance examinations in order to be considered for admission.

GMAT (Graduate management aptitude test) and GRE (graduate record exam) scores, as well as a communication skill test, are required for foreign B-schools.

These are standardized exams, and the test results are accepted by all B-schools and colleges around the world. These exams follow a conventional format, with the syllabus being divided into four sections. There are numerous online mock examinations and preparation modules available for the GMAT, GRE, and other exams.

If you want to go to a B-school in the country, you must take the CAT (common admission test) or the SAT (scholastic assessment test). Some B-schools have their own admissions examinations, such as the Xavier Admission Test (XAT) or the Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test (NMAT), etc.

4.   Maintaining a good GPA:

B-schools take into account a candidate’s academic background and CGPA in addition to entrance exam test scores. So, to get into chosen B-schools, one needs to prepare ahead and keep his grades up. Maintaining a GPA of 8.5 or higher can assist a student’s academic profile while applying for admission.

5.   Resume

During the application process, B-schools frequently analyze a candidate’s résumé as well as his full academic background to shortlist the most qualified applicants for an easier university admissions process.

To get into top institutions and clear the admissions process, one must prepare an eye-catching résumé and compose a strong essay about themselves.

In addition, the candidate must have completed an internship in a related field and must participate in extracurricular activities that demonstrate the student’s enthusiasm and active personality.

LORS AND SOPS: Candidates should also aim to obtain a letter of recommendation from their college or from accredited internship programs to assist their application to stand out from the crowd. In addition, when a candidate applies for a program at a business school, they check into what he needs to bring with him.

6.   Preparing for the interview:

After an applicant has been shortlisted, they will be asked to participate in a final assessment interview. Is it critical for a student to do his best during the interview because it determines his admission to the B-school. There are several modules and interview guidelines available online for preparation for an interview. To crack any interview, one needs to have a thorough understanding of their subject, good communication skills, and most significantly, self-confidence.

Once the interview is over, you will be admitted to the B-school of your choice and will be able to pursue your chosen specialization. Keep in mind that different specializations have varying cut-offs for eligible ranks or exam scores. One must conduct extensive research and make appropriate plans.

Challenges faced by students:

The main issue that a student has is figuring out where to begin and how to prepare for these tests. Because all international exams are held once a year, students who plan to take them have around 11 months to prepare.

There are numerous study programs and online courses available to assist students in preparing for these exams, as well as a quick overview of the rankings and the minimum score required to enter a particular specialism.

Students should conduct an extensive background study on the B-school they wish to attend, and the best way to do so is to speak with a current student or graduate of the institute.


Getting into these major B-schools is not simple due to the competitive nature of education and can be stressful for a student. A well-structured study plan and determination would only help one reach his objective and thrive academically.

About the Author: Samiah Fareed

Samiah has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and is currently pursuing MBA. She enjoys writing and creating content for digital platforms in her spare time. She is a determined and ambitious person who wants to follow her passion for writing.

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